Our Why?

The internet of food is complicated and can be an area of indecisiveness. That’s where MealMe’s purpose comes into affect in order to simplify the process.

The Before:

If you are a foodie, this situation will sound very familiar: to find a new place to eat, you browse #foodporn on social media until you see something tasty or excites your taste buds. You then leave social media and search on Google for the meal that caught your eye and created a savory desire, and see which shops around you serve such a dish. Next you would like to find the best restaurant with the dish, so most would use a review site such as Yelp. Finally, you would make a reservation for a table at that restaurant or if you are feeling delivery place a takeout order from services like UberEats and Postmates and compare delivery fees.

Feed On Iphone.png

That is over seven different apps in use to find your one perfect to satisfy your craving. There has to be a simpler and quicker way to complete that process. Right? Why can’t there be one food app, a social media for food built-in restaurant discovery, delivery, and reservations?

The After: The Solution

MealMe is the social platform for food with delivery and reservation integrations. Users share “food porn” in social media like Instagram. They can discover restaurants using AI recommendations, filters, and a food map. Finally, they can tap on a post to deliver a meal, reserve a table, view the menu, and more.

We have partnered with delivery and reservation companies like Caviar and Waitr to earn a commission off each delivery and booking. Local restaurants can advertise on MealMe to help users find new places to eat. The next version of MealMe will offer a Foodie Point coupon system as an incentive for placing deliveries and reservations within the app.

Introducing MealMe, The Food App. Soon available for iOS.